How To Unlock My Instacart Account

Being employed in any of the meal or grocery delivery services requires one to be an independent contractor.

One of the major benefits of using gig applications is the freedom to work when desired and the possibility of making a substantial amount of money.

Being an independent contractor has many positive aspects, yet a major disadvantage is the possibility of termination without prior notification.

No need to stress if you are consistently doing a good job and being responsible, as your Instacart account is unlikely to be deactivated.

Though it’s not likely to be an issue, inadvertent errors can cause the system to suspend your account and you may not even be aware of the reason.

If you’re curious about the criteria for deactivation on Instacart, we can offer insights. Everyone is liable to make missteps, after all.

Termination Policy of Instacart

Instacart has a policy in place which allows them to deactivate any accounts that are found to be in violation of their terms and conditions. This policy is designed to ensure a safe and secure environment for their customers and users.

Instacart may remove you from their platform at any moment due to multiple reasons.

Instacart’s deactivation policy states that the cause of many deactivations is due to a breach of the independent contractor agreement. Link

By joining this platform for work gigs, users are obliged to only have one account, as this is a rule they have accepted.

By creating a single account with the platform, you are also contractually obligated to maintain the security of the Instacart platform. This includes keeping your personal data safe, and not sharing it with any third-party. Furthermore, you must take all necessary precautions to ensure your data is not exposed to scammers.

Reasons Behind the Deactivation of Shopper Accounts

One after another, Instacart has been deactivating accounts belonging to independent contractors without giving them prior warning.

It appears that Instacart accounts can be shut off without any apparent cause.

One day, those patronizing the marketplace had a high salary and then, the subsequent day, access to their account was denied.

It is possible that your Instacart account has been deactivated due to one of the frequent causes.

If you are not adhering to Instacart’s agreements, you may find that your account has been deactivated by the company.

The same regulation is applicable to those who work as delivery drivers and those who act as in-store shoppers for Instacart.

Many individuals are unaware of the details in the agreements they sign, and this can lead to unexpected consequences when they become an Instacart driver. Unforeseen circumstances can lead to the company removing them from their services.

1. Not Adhering to the Alcohol Policy

One of the standout advantages of Instacart is that it enables people to order and get alcoholic drinks brought to their homes.

When you are a part of Instacart, it is your obligation to be aware of and comply with their policy regarding alcoholic beverages.

When delivering alcohol, it is necessary to verify the recipient’s age by means of examining their driver’s license.

Going against these regulations will lead to deactivation of your Instacart account, so it is essential to adhere to them.

2. Taking Part in Dishonest Behaviour

Instacart has certain forms of fraud they take into account.

Instacart can terminate your account if you are utilizing a robot to procure additional jobs.

Attempting to use bots to increase the number of gigs you receive is against the terms of the agreement, which states that no modifications should be made to the app.

Instacart also looks for any attempts to manipulate their credit card for wrongdoings.

Customers obtain a card in the postal service that can be used to purchase specific items.

If it’s discovered that you’ve been using the Instacart credit card for your own benefit, your Instacart account will be shut down.

3. Going Shopping with a Partner

Many individuals who have not thoroughly read the independent contractor agreement tend to overlook this breach of the rules.

Co-shopping is not an option when employed by Instacart.

Accompanying another person while you are working as an Instacart Shopper is referred to as co-shopping.

It could be a companion, offspring, or romantic partner.

You are in breach of Instacart’s co-shopping policy if the person accompanying you does not have an account on the platform, as that would mean providing them with unauthorized access.

4. Disregarding the Law is Unacceptable

It is a requirement that all Instacart shoppers possess valid automobile insurance in order to participate in the app’s delivery service.

Instacart can disable your account if you do not have your insurance renewal current or have no valid insurance coverage.

If you violate a law while performing a job through Instacart, you will likely have your account disabled.

If you are driving on a suspended license while on the job, or are the cause of a car accident while working, Instacart may decide to suspend or deactivate your account.

5. You’re Frequently Postponing Performances

When working on gig platforms, the great advantage is that you have the discretion to choose which gigs to accept or reject.

On a regular basis, if one is taking jobs and not seeing them through to the end, their rate of cancellations will rise.

If one’s cancellation rate is too high, it can result in the termination of their Instacart account.

6. After Completing the Transaction, You Provided a Copy of the Receipt to the Customer

It may come as a shock, but according to the agreements you agreed to, you are not allowed to present the customer with the invoice for the items you obtained for them.

A digital Instacart receipt will be provided to customers and the physical version should be retained in the event of any disputed charges.

7. Your Behavior is Not Professional

Even though you don’t have somebody looking over your shoulder while working, conducting deliveries and shopping for Instacart still needs to be done with a professional demeanor.

Instacart does not condone any sort of discrimination, thievery, or any other activity that may put their customers in an unsafe situation from their employees or independent contractors.

8. Your Ratings are Low

Gig workers will only be helped by having positive customer feedback.

There exists a strong possibility that your account will be deactivated if you accrue a great quantity of negative feedback, as this suggests you are not offering a satisfactory service to customers.

A Guide on How to Figure Out If Your Instacart Profile Is No Longer Active

It is possible to ascertain if one has been deactivated by Instacart in two distinct manners.

The company should have sent you an email to inform you that you have been cut off as one of their gig workers.

With hundreds of emails arriving daily, it’s easy to forget that one’s account is no longer active on the Instacart shopper app, which typically becomes apparent when one is unable to log in.

What to Take Action On if This Eventuates

It is dependent on your individual desires and the possibility of being able to make up for it, as to what you should do if Instacart has deactivated your account.

Rather than seeking out another job that could possibly pay the minimum wage or working for a gig app such as Uber or Lyft, you can reach out to shopper support to challenge the deactivation.

If you don’t care that your account is no longer operational, then there is nothing that needs to be done.

Is It Possible to Restore Your Account?

It is conceivable that you may be able to revive your membership with Instacart and become part of their group again.

Instacart has been known to inactive user accounts, often due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the event that you think your Instacart account was deactivated erroneously or as an oversight, the initial move towards reactivation is to contact Instacart support.

Instacart, Shipt, and other grocery delivery services have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to major violations.

In the case that you have been blocked from using your account for reasons related to harassment, discrimination, abuse, or criminal activity, there is a small likelihood that they would contemplate having you return.

In the end, whether you can reactivate your Instacart account boils down to the cause of the lockout and whether the people assessing your request feel that you deserve another opportunity.

Submitting an Appeal for Deactivation

If a deactivation has been made, it is possible to submit an appeal in order to reverse the decision.

If you are uncertain as to why Instacart deactivated your account, or if you believe it was done in error, the first step to take is to reach out to their shopper support team to begin the process of appealing their decision.

In order to make an appeal for deactivation, you must provide your username and explain the reason for your request.

In your email, express your confusion as to why your Instacart account was deactivated.

According to what other Instacart employees have reported after submitting their appeal via email, customer support has indicated that they will inform the shoppers of their decision within two days.

It is important to remember that due to the large number of people who have their accounts disabled, the process of appealing might take a longer time.

Strategies for Preventing Deactivation

Avoiding deactivation can be achieved by following a few simple steps. Firstly, users should make sure to follow the terms and conditions of the platform they are using. Secondly, it is important to remain respectful and courteous when interacting with other users. Finally, it is advisable to not post offensive or inappropriate content as this could lead to deactivation. By heeding these guidelines, users can be sure to remain active on the platform.

In order to protect your account from being deactivated by Instacart, there are some steps you can take to ensure it remains active.

1. Do Not Mess With the Food During the Delivery Process

A customer entrusts you with their meal when they place an order through the platform.

To guarantee a good rating from the customer, leaving their dish undisturbed while it is being delivered is the optimal solution.

Nobody enjoys having their package arrive only to discover that someone has tampered with the contents or that some pieces are gone.

Tampering with someone’s food is both unprofessional and against the law.

2. Show Accountability

Be sure to take responsibility for your actions and choices.

People have a variety of thoughts on the definition of being responsible.

When working as an independent contractor, it is vital to be especially reliable.

Customers place their faith in you to handle their food with consideration, providing them a sense of security.

Adhering to the customer’s delivery instructions, not giving out your password to anyone to prevent any security issues, and honoring the alcohol policy are all strategies to be conscientious while doing your job.

3. Refrain from Being Avaricious

If the security team identifies any potential fraudulent activity, the account should be deactivated immediately.

Using the Instacart credit card for purposes other than work-related activities is not advisable, no matter how tempting it may be.

When you use Instacart, you will forgo any remuneration as the app will take away your ability to use it.

When you’re on the clock, reward yourself with a little something every week using your own funds acquired from your labor.

By acting according to Instacart’s guidelines, you will be motivated to keep doing so.

4. Display Professionalism

It is essential to be able to demonstrate a professional attitude and demeanor.

Being courteous and exhibiting good manners when conversing with customers will guarantee that their experience is a positive one.

A favorable experience motivates customers to provide a high rating. Accounts with a good rating are usually sustained.


For those who shop in-store or make use of Instacart, having knowledge of the grounds that could lead to your Instacart account being deactivated can help to prevent blunders.

Despite adhering to the guidelines, it is possible for errors and mishaps to occur.

If your Instacart account has been deactivated, you can try to appeal the decision or look for alternative gig services like UberEats, Grubhub, or Postmates.

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