How To Use Ola Referral Code

If you’re new to Ola, you can sign up using a referral code to get a discount on your first ride. To use a referral code, simply enter it when prompted during sign-up. You can also enter a referral code when booking a ride through the Ola app.

4 Steps to Use Ola Referral Code

If you would like to use an Ola referral code, simply enter the code when prompted during sign-up. You may also be able to find codes from third-party websites, but be sure to read the terms and conditions before using one. Once you have entered a valid code, you will likely receive a discount on your first ride.

Ola is an Indian ridesharing app. With Ola, users can order a car to their location and track the vehicle as it arrives in real-time. Ola offers two types of services: Ola Share and Ola Prime. Ola Share is a ridesharing service that connects users with other Ola users who are going the same way. Ola Prime is a private car service that allows users to book a car for themselves.

Step 1: Referral Codes Are Used To Get Discounts On Your First Ride With Ola

If you’re new to Ola, you can get a discount on your first ride by using a referral code. Here’s how to use a referral code: 1. Go to the Ola website or app and sign up for an account. 2. Enter your referral code when prompted. 3. Enjoy your discount on your first ride!

Step 2: To Use A Referral Code, Enter It In The ‘Promotions’ Section Of The Ola App Before Booking Your Ride

If you have an Ola referral code, you can enter it in the ‘promotions’ section of the Ola app before booking your ride. This will give you a discount on your ride.

Step 3: If You’Re A New User, You Can Also Enter The Referral Code When Signing Up For An Account

If you’re a new user, you can also enter the referral code when signing up for an account. This will give you a discount on your first ride.

Step 4: If You’Re An Existing User, You Can Still Use A Referral Code By Referring A Friend To Ola

If you’re an existing user, you can still use a referral code by referring a friend to ola. All you need to do is go to the referral page on the ola website and enter your friend’s mobile number. Once your friend signs up using your referral code, they’ll get a discount on their first ride and you’ll get a discount on your next ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use Ola Referral Credit?

Ola referral credit can be used by simply providing your referral code to the person you are referring. After they sign up and use your code, they will receive a discount on their ride, and you will receive credit in your Ola account.

How Can I Get Free Ola Money?

There is no surefire way to get free Ola money, but there are a few ways to try. One way is to sign up for Ola’s referral program. With this program, you can earn Ola money by referring new users to the service. Another way to earn Ola money is to participate in Ola’s promotional campaigns and contests. Finally, you can also check with your employer or school to see if they offer any discounts or coupons for Ola rides.

Does Ola Gives First Ride Free?

Yes, Ola gives first ride free. You can sign up for an account and use a promo code to get your first ride free.

How Can I Use Ola Coupon Code?

Ola coupon codes can be used to get discounts on rides booked through the Ola app. To use a coupon code, simply enter the code when prompted during the booking process.

In The End

If you are looking for a convenient, affordable and safe way to travel, then Ola is the perfect option for you. You can use the Ola app to book a ride and get Rs. 100 off your first ride by using the referral code ‘ReferralCode’.

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