How To Use Paylah For Gojek

To use Paylah for Gojek, you need to have a registered Paylah account and be in Singapore. Once you have both of these, open the Gojek app and select the Pay tab. Underneath the heading “Other Payment Methods”, you should see “Pay with Paylah”. Tap on this and then enter your registered email address and password. If everything is correct, you will be taken to a page that displays the amount you need to pay. Once you are happy

How To Use Paylah For Gojek

Paylah is a payment app that allows users to make payments and transfers easily. It can be used to top up your Gojek account, or to pay for your rides. Here’s how you can use Paylah to pay for your Gojek rides: 1. Open the Paylah app and select “Top-Up Gojek”. 2. Enter the amount that you would like to top up, and then select “Next”. 3.

To use Paylah for Gojek, you need a Paylah account and a Gojek account. You can sign up for Paylah and Gojek accounts on their respective websites. After you have both accounts set up, open the Paylah app and click on the “Gojek” tab. Enter your Gojek username and password, then click on the “Sign In” button. Once you’re logged in, you can start using Paylah to pay for your

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  • Install the paylah! app on your phone
  • Enter the amount you want to pay, and select gojek from the list of merchants
  • Open the app and sign in with your registered mobile number and password

– To use Paylah for Gojek, you first need to install the Paylah app and then register for an account. – Once you have registered for an account, you can then link your bank account to Paylah. – You can then use Paylah to pay for your Gojek rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use A Promo Code On Gojek?

To redeem a Gojek promo code, first open the app and go to the “Promo Code” tab. Enter the code and hit “Apply”. The discounted fare will then be displayed.

How Do I Use Gojek Vouchers?

To use a Gojek voucher, first open the Gojek app and select the ‘Promo’ option. Then, enter the voucher code and select ‘Redeem’. The voucher amount will be applied to your ride.

How Do You Use Gojek 925?

I use Gojek 925 to get around Jakarta. It’s a great way to avoid the traffic, and the drivers are friendly and reliable.

In Summary

Paylah is an easy and convenient way to pay for your gojek rides. You can either top up your Paylah account with funds or use it to pay for your gojek ride directly.

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