How To Use Woolworths Egift Card

A Woolworths egift card can be used at any Woolworths store in Australia. The card can be used to purchase any items that are sold in the store, including groceries, clothes and household items. The card can also be used to pay for petrol at participating Woolworths petrol stations.

How To Use Woolworths Egift Card

Woolworths egift cards are digital gift cards that can be redeemed at Woolworths stores. They can be used to purchase groceries, petrol, and other items in store. To use a Woolworths egift card, the cardholder must present the card at the checkout and enter the unique code found on the card. The value of the card will be deducted from the total purchase amount.

-Woolworths egift card -Computer or device with internet access -Email address

  • Gift cards’. tap ‘redeem’
  • Open the woolworths app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Login to the app using your email address and password
  • From the main menu, select ‘e

– Use your Woolworths eGift card to shop for groceries in-store or online at Woolworths. – You can use your eGift card to buy anything you like, including food, drinks, household items and more. – Your eGift card will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Woolworths Egift Card In Store?

Yes, Woolworths eGift Cards can be used in store.

How Does A Woolworths Egift Card Work?

A Woolworths eGift Card is an electronic gift card that can be used at Woolworths stores. The card is emailed to the recipient and they can use it immediately in store.

How Does A Woolworths E-Gift Card Work?

A Woolworths e-gift card works by being scanned at the checkout like a regular gift card. Once the e-gift card is scanned, the balance will be displayed and the customer can then choose to use it all at once or over multiple transactions.


The Woolworths eGift Card can be used at Woolworths Supermarkets, Big W, Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores.

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