Is Grubhub Plus Worth It?

Picture this: you’re famished after a long day, yearning for your favorite comfort meal from the local eatery just down the road. You’re practically salivating at the thought of indulging in that dish you love so much. But wait! Those dreaded delivery fees and extra charges loom, casting a shadow on your culinary dreams.

Enter Grubhub Plus, a subscription service that promises to ease the burden of delivery costs, and sprinkle in a few extra perks.

But is it really the golden ticket to your foodie fantasies, or just another monthly fee nibbling away at your wallet? Here, we will be discussing what Grubhub Plus is and how it works, as well as whether or not it is worth the subscription cost of $9.99 per month.

What is Grubhub Plus?

Grubhub Plus is a monthly membership program offered by Grubhub, which allows customers to save money on their orders from participating restaurants. When you join Grubhub+ for $9.99 per month, your delivery fees are waived if your order totals more than $12 from any participating restaurant. This means that you can get free delivery on all your orders from favorite restaurants!

How Does Grubhub Plus Work?

Signing up for the Grubhub+ program is simple and straightforward – simply sign up online and start ordering food from your favorite restaurants with no delivery fees!

Once you’ve signed up for the program, just make sure to order at least $12 worth of food from a participating restaurant and voila – no more delivery fees!

The process is automated so there’s no need to remember to use a discount code or anything like that – just select “GrubHub+ Free Delivery” during checkout and your benefits will automatically be applied to your order.

How much is Grubhub Plus Membership?

The cost of a one-month subscription to the GrubHub+ service is only $9.99 per month; this fee covers all of the discounts that come with being part of the program such as free delivery on orders over $12 from participating restaurants.

However, other costs still may apply such as service fees, taxes on orders and tips for drivers so keep these in mind when considering whether or not joining the program makes sense for you financially.

Is Grubhub Plus Worth It?

GrubHub+ could be beneficial if you plan on ordering food regularly each month through the app (e.g., multiple times per week). If this describes your lifestyle then signing up for membership could be worth it since it would help reduce costs associated with delivery fees over time; however, if you are only planning to place an occasional order then signing up may not make financial sense since those occasional orders wouldn’t offset the cost of the monthly subscription fee.

Ultimately, it really depends on how often you plan on ordering takeout/delivery before committing to becoming part of the program – so make sure to weigh out all of your options before making a decision!


Overall, signing up for a membership with GrubHub+ can be beneficial if you plan on ordering food regularly via their app each month; however, if you are an occasional user then perhaps investing in another type of membership would make more financial sense in terms of reducing costs associated with takeout/delivery since those one-off orders might not offset the cost of paying for a monthly subscription fee every single month.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and how often you plan on using their services before committing – so make sure to consider all available options before making a decision!

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