What Happens if Postmates Doesn’t Deliver?

With the rise of delivery services, we’ve become increasingly reliant on these platforms for accessing our favourite foods and shopping needs.

However, packages may not always arrive at our doorsteps as intended due to various reasons such as delivery mix-ups, package theft, and technical glitches. In this blog post, we’ll answer the burning question of what happens if Postmates doesn’t deliver your order.

Reasons Why Your Postmates Order Might Not Arrive

There are several reasons why Postmates may not deliver your order as intended.

Firstly, drivers may encounter issues with delivery instructions or GPS tracking, leading to confusion.

Secondly, human errors such as delivering to the wrong address may occur, or the package may be stolen.

Thirdly, customer-related issues, such as incorrect address or contact information, or misunderstandings regarding notifications, can also lead to missing delivery.

So, what happens if Postmates doesn’t deliver?

The quickest way to record the delivery issue is through the Postmates app or website. Once you’ve reported the issue, their customer service team will review the order and the incident to confirm that you did not receive your order as intended. After this investigation, they will issue you a full refund for your order.

Order never arrived? How to Get Help

You can access the Get Help section at the bottom of every order receipt. To find the order receipt, simply tap the cart icon at the bottom of the app, then tap ‘Orders’ at the top of the screen, select your order and scroll to the ‘Get help’ button. Once you’ve reached this point, select ‘Order Never Arrived’ to initiate a conversation thread with a customer service representative. The refund will be in varying amounts, depending on the specific situation.

When reporting the incident, you’re required to include detailed information such as your Postmates order number, a photo of the incorrect item, a screenshot of the issue, or any necessary contact information. Keep in mind that negative reviews against the driver or restaurant involved may not resolve the issue.


There are various valid reasons why a Postmates order may not arrive as intended. If this occurs, report it through the Postmates app or website and initiate a return for a refund. The Get Help section can also assist with any post-order issues. Remember to provide detailed information when reporting any incident and avoid leaving negative reviews against the driver or restaurant involved. It’s always important to have an alternative plan in place, such as a backup food delivery service, if necessary.

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