How To Access Instacart 1099

As an independent contractor, it is your responsibility to take care of your own taxes, regardless of whether you are a full-service shopper or a delivery driver for Instacart.

At the end of January each year, Instacart makes sure that its independent contractors receive their 1099-NEC to ensure they are able to pay their taxes on time. We will delve into this further as you continue reading.

Are you wondering how to obtain your 1099 from Instacart? This article is the perfect resource that will give you a thorough explanation of the process.

What is an Instacart 1099?

A 1099 is a form that reports income that is self-employed or contractor work. This means that if you were an Instacart shopper, you would receive a 1099 from your company at the end of the year. The same goes for other companies you may have worked for such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, etc.

Why Should You Care About Your Instacart 1099?

The main reason you should care about your 1099 is because it determines how much you will pay in taxes. This is especially important if you are a contractor or freelancer and are self-employed. The amount of income on your 1099 determines your filing status, amount of tax you owe, and even what deductions you are eligible for. It also will determine your eligibility for certain tax credits like the Child Tax Credit or the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

What Is the 1099-NEC Form for Instacart?

For its full-service shoppers and delivery drivers who have earned at least $600 from either deliveries, shopping services, or tips from customers, Instacart partners with Stripe to file the 1099-NEC tax documents. This form is a summarization of the US taxable earnings for an independent contractor.

Being an independent contractor, as each Instacart full-service shopper or delivery driver is, necessitates the need to receive the 1099-NEC form when you gain $600 or more.

Once your total income from Instacart surpasses $600 (as either driver or full-service shopper), you should expect to receive your 1099 by January 31st. This article will inform you on the steps to take regarding your 1099 from Instacart.

How Do I Get My 1099 From Instacart?

For your 1099 from Instacart, it is suggested that you use the e-delivery option which will enable you to download it from Stripe Express. Alternatively, you can also receive it through snail mail.

However, if you prefer, you can still go with the traditional postal mail delivery. The 1099-NEC form will be dispatched to your address on January 31 if you pick this option.

These instructions will help you secure your 1099 from Instacart:

  • Look for an email from Instacart with the subject “Secure Quick Access to Your 2022 Tax Forms”.
  • Click on the link inside the message and adhere to the instructions to enable the electronic delivery mode.
  • Make sure to select the “Confirm e-delivery” option.

If you prefer, reach out to Instacart Shopper Support for postal delivery.

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Requesting a 1099 From Instacart: A Guide

Should an independent contractor have not received a 1099 from Instacart by the end of January, they can make a request for one by sending an email to

What Groups Receive A 1099 From Instacart?

Instacart dispatches 1099-NEC forms to those they deem as independent contractors, namely full-service shoppers, and delivery drivers.

Those who provide services via Instacart do so independently, therefore, they must take responsibility for filing their taxes. Another related article to look at is What Does 2 Full Services Orders Mean On Instacart?, which may be of interest.

What Kinds of People Don’t Receive a 1099 Tax Form From Instacart?

At tax-filing time, in-store Instacart employees have no need to worry since the company takes care of their taxes and provides them with W2 forms when the time comes.

To sum up, neither in-store shoppers nor Instacart workers are issued 1099-NEC forms and thus, don’t have to submit their taxes.

What Could be the Reason for Not Having Received My 1099 Form From Instacart?

By the end of January, every Instacart full-service shopper and delivery driver should have their 1099-NEC forms. If it has already been past that date and you haven’t gotten it yet, there could be an issue with the details you provided or you may not have selected e-delivery. If this is the case, refer to the following list for potential causes.

  • You haven’t established your electronic-delivery selection yet
  • It is possible that the email address you provided was wrong.
  • Look into your spam or junk mail folder to see if the email from Instacart is there.
  • You may not have employed your active email address while signing up on Instacart.
  • Your entered email cannot accept emails.
  • The email you registered with may be incorrect.
  • You have not made the minimum $600 on Instacart.

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How Can I Determine When My 1099 Tax Form Is Available?

If you chose to receive your 1099 tax form through e-delivery, be sure to check your email frequently. Instacart will always send you an email when the form is available.

For you to be able to access the 1099-NEC document which has been submitted, it is essential that you supply the last four digits of the SSN which is stated on the tax form.

If you have not set up the digital delivery option and not made a Stripe Express account, then you should await the paper 1099 tax form to be sent to your address; this process may take up to 10 business days.

How Can I Monitor My Instacart Income and Obtain My Tax Records?

On the Stripe Express platform, those who are either full-service shoppers or delivery drivers have the capability of tracking their Instacart income and accessing their tax documents.

Instacart offers a safe way for its independent contractors to view their tax documentation and gain insight into their total earnings through this platform.


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