How To Find Purolator Tracking Number

Purolator is a courier company that specializes in delivery and shipping services for businesses. Their services are available to businesses and consumers in Canada, the United States, as well as other countries around the world. Fortunately, if you have ever shipped anything with Purolator before, you’ll likely have access to their easy-to-use online tracking tool.

If you’ve recently sent a package through the Purolator website or used their mobile app to track your shipment, then you should be able to find your tracking number fairly easily once logged in. Here we will show you how to find Purolator tracking number when shipping with them again!

What is a Purolator tracking number?

A Purolator tracking number is a unique number that allows you to track your shipment while it’s in transit and once it’s been delivered. You can find this tracking number on your receipt or on Purolator’s website.

Tracking your package is important so you know its progress and can be sure it will arrive at its destination in a timely manner. If a package is delayed or goes missing, you can track it using its tracking number so you can have your shipping company investigate the problem.

Most shipping companies will allow you to track your shipment using a tracking number. Tracking numbers can appear different depending on the shipping company, but they typically contain a series of letters and numbers. The number starts with a letter that indicates the shipping company, followed by a series of numbers that indicate the specific package.

How to find your Purolator tracking number?

To find your Purolator tracking number, first, go to the Purolator website and log in to your account. Once logged in, click on the “Tracking” link at the top of the page. This should bring you to a page where you can enter the tracking number for your package or search for your package by the address or contact person.

If you can’t remember the tracking number for your package, you can look at your Purolator receipt and find it listed there. If you’re using the Purolator app to track your shipment, you should be able to click on the tracking number to access more information about the package. You can also click “Search by Reference” to find your package. If you don’t have the tracking number, you can search by the sender’s information, shipping date, and destination.

Navigating the Purolator tracking tool

When you’re logged into Purolator, you can see the most recent tracking information for all your shipments. To see tracking information for an existing shipment, click on the “Track” button beside the shipment. You can also click the “Track All” button to view tracking information for all of your shipments at once.

If you’re using the Purolator app, you can click on the tracking number to access more information about the package. Information you can expect to see on the Purolator tracking page includes:

The date the shipment was picked up, the date it was delivered and delivered information. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, Purolator’s tracking page is set up in an easy-to-read format. You can see the status of your shipment, the tracking number, shipment date, and contact information for the shipper. You can also enter tracking information from previous shipments in the future by clicking the “Add to tracking” button.

Can’t find your tracking number?

If you can’t find your tracking number, it might be because the shipper or receiver didn’t include it with your package. However, keep in mind that Purolator’s tracking number is not the same as the postal code. Postal codes are used to track your package while it’s in transit and Purolator’s tracking number is used to track your package once it’s been picked up. If your tracking number begins with “811,” it means the shipper didn’t include the tracking number on your package. This is common with larger shipments, such as furniture and appliances, as they usually don’t have tracking numbers. It could also be the case if your shipment was sent via the postal service. If you’re not sure where your shipment is and it doesn’t have a tracking number, you can contact the shipper. You can also check the Purolator website for updates.


The Purolator tracking tool is a great way to keep track of your shipments and make sure they arrive safely. If you’ve ordered something or are shipping something, you can use the Purolator tracking number to find out where your package is. If you’ve ever ordered from an online retailer, you’ve probably seen your tracking number before.

By using this tracking number, you can know when the shipping company will arrive and when the package will be delivered.

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