How To Sell Clothes On Thredup

Selling clothes on Thredup is easy and convenient. You can either sell your clothes through their website or through their app. To sell clothes on Thredup, simply create a free account and then list the items you wish to sell. You will be asked to provide pictures and a description of each item. Once your items are listed, Thredup will provide you with a shipping label. You can then ship your clothes to Thredup and they will handle the rest.

3 Steps to Sell Clothes On Thredup

To sell clothes on thredup, list your items for sale on the site, set your prices, and ship your items to thredup when they sell. You will receive a percentage of the sale price for each item that sells.

Being able to sell clothes on thredup is important for a number of reasons. First, it is a great way to make some extra money. Second, it can help you declutter your closet and get rid of clothes you no longer wear. Third, it is a great way to support a sustainable fashion industry. By selling your clothes on thredup, you are prolonging the life of your clothes and contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Step 1: Selling Clothes On Thredup Is A Great Way To Make Some Extra Money, And It’S Also A Great Way To Declutter Your Closet!

To sell clothes on thredup, simply create a free account and then upload photos of the items you wish to sell. Once your items are approved, they will be listed for sale on the site. When someone buys one of your items, you will be notified and will ship the item to the buyer. You will then receive payment via PayPal.

Step 2: To Sell Clothes On Thredup, Simply Create A Listing For Each Item You Wish To Sell. Be Sure To Include Photos And A Description Of The Item, As Well As Your Asking Price

To sell clothes on thredup, simply create a listing for each item you wish to sell. Make sure to include clear photos and an accurate description of the item, as well as your asking price. Once your listing is live, potential buyers will be able to see it and purchase the item if they’re interested.

Step 3: Once Your Listing Is Live, Potential Buyers Can Browse And Purchase Your Items. Once An Item Is Sold, You

Once your listing is live, potential buyers can browse and purchase your items. once an item is sold, you’ll receive a notification from thredup and the buyer will have 7 days to pay for the item. once the buyer pays, you’ll have 14 days to ship the item.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Percentage Do You Get From Thredup?

There is no set percentage that you will earn from thredUP. It will depend on the items that you list for sale, their condition, and how popular they are.

How Are You Paid On Thredup?

ThredUP pays you based on the weight and condition of the clothes you send in.

What Should I Not Send To Thredup?

There are a few items that thredUP does not accept, including: items with stains, rips, or damage; undergarments; and items that are too delicate to be cleaned or repaired.

In Summary

Thredup is a great way to sell clothes! You just need to take some good pictures of your clothes, list them on the site, and ship them off when they sell. It’s a great way to make some extra money and clear out your closet at the same time!

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